Minutes of Telecon 18 May 2010


  • Aaron Braeckel
  • Bruce Wright (chair)
  • Frédéric Guillaud
  • Pete Trevelyan
  • Dominic Lowe


  • Andrew Woolf
  • Jeremy Tandy


  1. Review actions from last meeting
  2. Review Use Case progress (actors/information types)
  3. EGU General Assembly (Vienna, 2-7 May )
  4. INSPIRE TWG AC-MF Kick off (Toulouse, 20 May)
  5. TC meeting (Silver Spring, DC, 14-18 June)
  6. EGOWS ECMWF (Reading UK, 1-4 June)
  7. AOB
  8. Next Meeting

1) Review actions from last week

  • ACTION A9: AW to flesh out polar year use case further using real example from polar year. Remains OPEN
  • ACTION A18: AW to follow up on hydrology use case (possibly re WRON work in australia) Remains OPEN
  • ACTION A21: ALL Begin to identify data types on use cases by next telecon. See meeting notes for details. Remains OPEN
  • ACTION A25: BW: To mail out at to group to see if there is sufficient interest for a meeting in Vienna (EGU) CLOSED no meeting held, but some discussion
  • ACTION A26: BW: To contact Marie-Francoise Voidrot and Chris Little to check the plans for the silver springs TC and pass on AB's offer to host. CLOSED done
  • ACTION A24: BW: To check many people are expected to be available for the next Telcon and decide whether to cancel it or not.
CLOSED (was cancelled).

2) Review Use Case progress
  • No further progress has been made on the use cases in the last month or so.
  • All agreed we need to move on to the next steps of the methodology.
  • DECISION: We propose to proceed with the next steps.
  • DECISION: Use case development may continue in parallel for now, but next meeting we should agree a deadline for stopping editing use casess.
  • NEW ACTION A28 *: ALL: Agree a deadline for final edits to use cases.
  • Some general discussion about features, operations etc. PT keen to see features that can be used for operational purposes with appropriate operations. (as I think we all are!) [the following discussion actually took place in AOB but it is more relevant to this agenda item so is documented here]
  • PT would like to see where existing data models eg CDM, CSML, WXXM, Sensible Weather Objects fall short against use cases? e.g. Gust fronts (line objects).
  • We discussed that this review is part of the methodology recommended by INSPIRE and we should also do that in this group.
  • DL agreed to start comparing feature types between use cases to give the group something to work from.
  • NEW ACTION A29 *: DL : Perform an initial comparison of feature types between current use cases and put on Twiki.

3) EGU General Assembly (Vienna, 2-7 May)
  • No CM meeting held but Bruce reported back on some interesting discussions re Vocabularies, RDF, ontologies etc.

4) INSPIRE TWG AC-MF Kick-off (Toulouse, 20 May) (TWG AC-MF = Thematic Working Group on Atmospheric Conditions & Meteorological Geographical Features)
  • This group is very relevant to the CM work.
  • We discussed how we might work together and that it was important to be aware of the timescales of this group.
  • NEW ACTION A30 : FG, BW: Take CM Use cases to INSPIRE meeting to see if they can be re-used in INSPIRE context.
  • NEW ACTION A31 : FG, BW: Report back from INSPIRE meeting next telecon - including INSPIRE timetabling information

5) OGC TC meeting (Silver Spring, DC, 14-18 June)
  • AB to represent the group and present summary of use cases, progress of the group.
  • FG to present INSPIRE work and how it fits in with the CM work.
  • If there are enough attendees it would be desirable to have a face to face meeting to discuss information types in some detail.

6) EGOWS ECMWF (Reading UK, 1-4 June)
  • Several attendees (CL, PT, MFV).

7) AOB
  • AB: Meta question: Are we meeting our objectives?
  • Meta answer: General acknowledgement that we have lost some momentum and that we need to define some clear objectives (with timeline).
  • An information gathering exercise needs to take place to look at the INSPIRE, WMO ICAO timelines and establish what we need to do to work with those requirements. Action A31 covers this for INSPIRE
  • NEW ACTION A32 : BW JT: Provide more information on requirements for WMO/ICAO timeline.
  • NEW ACTION A33 : ALL: Review objectives (@ next telecon)

8) Next Meeting
  • NEW ACTION A34 : BW: Check if next telecon (1st June) date is ok, bearing in mind EGOWS attendance.

-- DominicLowe - 19 May 2010
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