Related Projects

This page is for listing projects of interest to the OGC Hydrology DWG members, particularly for development and outreach of water-related services, tools, and frameworks.

US National Flood Interoperability Experiment (NFIE) 2014-2016

A team of researchers funded by NSF, the US National Weather Service and CUAHSI developed high-resolution, real-time streamflow forecasting capability across the continental US. Details on NFIE and the 2015 Summer Institute are posted by CUAHSI here: The 2016 Summer Institute info is here:

GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) - Water Societal Benefit Area, 2012-2015

From 2012 - 2015, outreach for use of WaterML 2 and OGC web services has been conducted as the Water Societal Benefit Area (SBA) thread of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP). Announcements and results are posted on The top-level links for all SBA and technical topics are shown here, because other activities besides the Water SBA will also be of interest to the Hydro DWG.

AIP-5 - Results
AIP-6 - Proposals - Results
AIP-7 - Proposals - Results
AIP-8 - Proposals - Results

OWSLib / geopython

OWSLib is a Python package for client programming with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web service (hence OWS) interface standards, and their related content models.


WMLViewer is a simple set of JavaScript tools for viewing OGC WaterML 2.0 datasets as maps and graphs.

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